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Multi Tech HF 300E Air Purifier

Multi Tech HF 300D Air Purifier

Designed for regular size rooms, the HF 200

is an incredibly effective air purifier which fills

an entire room with health beneficial negative

Equipped with 6 leading technologies

covering virtually every pollutant .It is

an ionizer (with relatively no ozone), Covers 400 ft².

HF 86 Air Purifier

HF 60 Ionic Air Purifier

The personal, ionic air purifier portable,

lightweight HF 86 ionic air purifier is

worn around the neck delivering clean,

fresh air to the mouth and nose.

The HF 60 Ionic vehicle Air Purifier is portable,

compact and effective device to overcome

fatigue by keeping the driver relaxed and alert

with fresh air.

HF 210UV Air purifier

HF 10 Air Purifier

Heaven Fresh offers a perfect solution

with its HF210UV air purifier provide

a healthy environment for you and

your family.

The HF 10 Refrigerator Air Purifier

generates active Oxygen that helps

to remove pollutants and unpleasant

odors coming from your fridge.

HF 20 Air Purifier

HF 100 Air Purifier

Ideal air freshener and odor

neutralizer for kitchen and

small spaces

The HF 100 helps remove airborne

pollutants from the air right down

to the sub-micron level

HF 200 Ionic Air Purifier

Multi Tech. HF 280 Air Purifier

The NaturoPure™ HF300E 6-Stage

Air Purification Technology effectively

removes dust, bacteria, and viruses,

mould spores and odors to revitalize

and refresh indoor air. Covers 500 ft².

The HF300D 7-Stage Air Purification

technology effectively remove bacteria

viruses,mould,spores,and odors to

revitalize and refresh indoor air. Covers

500 ft².

Multi Tech HF300C Air Purifier

Intelligent HF 380A Air Purifier

The NaturoPure™ 300C with 7 stages

of air purification has quiet fan and

covers 500 ft².

This unique and top of the line Heaven

fresh air purifier is equipped with

advanced sensor technology which

automatically monitors air quality.

HF 707 Digital Ultrasonic

Mini Cool Mist Humidifier HF76

The HF 707 Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier

can help make the dry winter months more

livable. Its high-frequency vibration technology

creates a micro-fine mist.

Easy-set knob control for desired humidity level and spray mist. Safely and automatically shuts off when it runs out of water

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