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Glass and plastic bottles

Water Universe is pioneer in using glass bottles. Glass bottles come in 1 gallon (3.8L), 3 gallon (11.6 L) and 5 gallons (19.8 L). Ask for the water delivery service in glass bottles!!.

Bottle cradle

The bottle tilts into place with a minimum of lifting and takes up minimum space. Used for both. 5 and 3 gallon size glass and plastic bottles. Select the suitable faucet like 48 mm Screw Top valve, 55 mm Crown Top or 55 mm piercing

48 mm screw top

55 mm crown top

Folding floor type cradle

Ideal for camping, sports events, picnics and home. Have excellent features of bottle rack/aqua valve.

Water pumps

Three types of water pumps are available, manual, Battery and electrical

The manual pump is ideal for home,

office, camping and sporting events

The soft touch button ensures

that everyone can easily use

the pump. The 2”D” Cell batteries

will pump up to 260 gallons.

It is designed to pump water from a 5-gallon water bottle and ideal to deliver water under pressure to coffee, tea brewers, ice machine,ice makers or to connect your counter top faucet. Standard 120 volt plug for standard electrical outlets or 12 volt for motor homes and RVs.

Fridge packs

Fridge packs with a built handle are an inexpensive way to dispense fresh

cold water. Two sizes are available, 3 and 2 gallons.

Ceramic Crock Stands

Easy assembly solid hard wood or metal construction. Includes levelers for uneven surfaces. Supports full crock and water bottle.

Type 1 Counter top

6 inch natural oak stand

6 inch metal stand

Type 2 Floor stand

27 inch wood floor stand

Ceramic Crocks

Available in a variety of designs, the lead free ceramic crocks c/w lid hold 2 gallons of Water dispensed through a plastic tap or special magnetic faucet

Booster Pump Kit

Typically used with reverse osmosis systems. This pump boosts pressure to allow the membrane to function efficiently with low feed water pressure.

Demand Pump

Demand or Delivery Pump is suggested when the produced reverse osmosis purified water needed to increase water pressure from an under sink reverse osmosis unit to a refrigerator, faucet(s) and ice maker.

Storage Tanks

Reverse Osmosis storage tanks hold the purified water. These tanks have a bladder. The air in the bladder provides pressure to force the water out of the tank to the faucet.

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