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Types of Purified Water

Water Universe produces 2 types of crystal clear purified water using our sophisticated machines installed in the store.

Reverse Osmosis (R/O) : A water treatment process whereby dissolved salts, such as sodium, chloride, calcium carbonate, and calcium sulfate may be separated from water by forcing the water through a semi-permeable membrane under high pressure. The water diffuses through the membrane and the dissolved salts remain behind on the surface of the membrane.

Distilled Water : The process of separating the components of a mixture by differences in boiling point; a vapor is formed from the liquid by heating the liquid in a vessel and successively collecting and condensing the vapors into liquids.

Steps To Purified Water:

We use the best proven technologies to produce healthy, great tasting water that is made fresh daily.

1. Pre Sediment Filter

Removes particulate matter such as sand, silt and rust particles.

2. Ion Exchange

Pre-treats water to remove reddish brown iron and scaling minerals

3. Activated Carbon Filtration

Removes unpleasant taste and odour, chlorine, THM's, volatile organic contaminants, herbicides and pesticides.

4. Sediment Filtration

Removes the very fine particles that are released from the ion exchange and carbon tank.

5. Reverse Osmosis

Water is forced under pressure through a special membrane which removes up to 99% of dissolved solids such as lead, copper, sodium, nitrates, radium, mineral salts and bacteria.

6. Ozonation - Recirculation

System Ozone (O3) is one of the strongest oxidizing agents that is readily available. Ozone destroys bacteria and other microorganisms and it is also used to eliminate organic waste, and reduce odor.

7. Repressurization and Delivery System

Our repressurization systems are designed to repressurize the volume of employed water throughout the system.

8. Carbon Block Filtration

Removes organic chemicals and polishes the purified water for superior taste.

9. Ultraviolet Sterilization

This final stage ensures that any bacteria is destroyed before the water is dispensed into your bottle.

10. Independently Tested and Inspected

Water quality is monitored and tested periodically by an independent laboratory. Our Water System is inspected and maintained by a qualified technician.

Made Fresh Daily

Highest Purity

Environmentally Friendly

Made Naturally - No chemicals are added or used in our process

The Benefits Of Purified Water

Essential to Good Health Tastes so good you'll enjoy drinking your recommended 6-8 glasses of water per day. With over 99% of contaminants found in tap water removed, you won't have to worry about their long term health effects.

Delicious Drinking Water Pure and healthy water that tastes great! The most economical beverage available.

Better Beverages Coffee has a richer Flavor and less bitter taste while using 20% less grounds. Tea is brighter in color and leaves no annoying film in your cup.

Clear Ice Cubes Expect clear, hard ice cubes that melt slowly, taste better and leave no sediment in your glass.

Better Cooking

Enhances the taste of foods! Brings out the natural Flavors of vegetables, soups and pasta.

Better Cooking

Enhances the taste of foods! Brings out the natural Flavors of vegetables, soups and pasta.

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