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Energy flask-Alkaline water filter

Receive the benefit of alkaline, re-mineralized water wherever you go! This unique energy flask has two mineral baskets that contain all natural compounds.

Flask filter

Alkaline water stick

The stick contains all natural compounds and is simple to use. Just place it in a glass of water and let the energy happen, the stick will increase the pH of normal tap water but preferably filtered water to a pH value of 9

Filtered, Distilled, Spring and Tap are stressed water with a weakened structure and energy, Fig 1

Fig 2 Samples Of Structured Water

Putting any of this water in an Aladdin..Fibonacci sequence or the  golden ratio Carafe for three minutes, the drinking water will be structured, fig 2

with a beautiful and perfect hexagonal crystal which is a sign of water with good energy and taste. Let us make a comparison to our life: When we return to the comfortable surroundings of our homes after a stressful day, we quickly relax and calm down.

All come with gold (24 carat gold) flower of life. The gold is known for its energetic power throughout history. that is is why is flower enriches the revitalized water with life force energy

Spray Air-ion

Vital water from the carafe

transforms the room atmosphere

with the negative ions in its water,

into precious breathing air

Drinking Glasses

Using glass cup for drinking water

and other liquids  increase the biological

value and improves flavor. The glasses

designed for intensive use and safety

Brine - why is it good for you?

Our body is made up of salt and water, it essential that we keep both our salt and water supplies replenished, as we lose both on a daily basis by perspiration and urination. Just as it is important to provide our body with high quality structured water every day, it is also necessary to provide high quality Himalayam salt in order for our body to function properly.

What is the Flower of Life

and what power does it hold?

The Flower of Life is an ancient geometric symbol of the sacret geometry.

This sacred symbol does not belong to any of the world's religions and has been

an important symbol throughout history and can be found on different continents

in different cultures.

Fig 1 Samples Of Unstructured Water

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