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Water coolers

High quality Canadian made water coolers come in three kinds:

Cold only.

Cold and room temperature.

Cold and Hot.

These water coolers come with stainless steel reservoir.

Under sink water cooler:

This new innovative under counter compressor based chiller when connected to any type of under sink filtration systems.

Counter top water cooler:

This new innovative under counter compressor based chiller when connected to any type of under sink filtration systems.

A sleek and modern counter top stainless steel water cooler that offers modularity, D-shape contemporary design for small space footprint.

Floor stand water coolers



S3-stainless steel

S2 Stainless steel






(A) Point of use (POU) water cooler

Soleau Pou

Pacific Pou

Baltic Pou

Kelvin Pou

Fahernheit Pou

S3 Pou

Nordic Pou

Degree Pou

Thermo Concepts Point-Of-Use (POU) Water Coolers constitute a great business solution for drinking water manufacturers and a green alternative for environment-friendly end users. Providing the same trademark quality built into our Bottled Water Coolers, POU Water Coolers eliminate the hassle and waste resulting from having to store, replace and discard sizeable plastic bottles. Switching your existing Thermo Concepts Bottled Water Cooler to an In-Line POU Water Cooler is easy with our Conversion Kits. Experience how effortless it is to connect your unit to existing water lines and complement it with our selection of safe and renowned Filtration Systems. Safe dual mechanical float with water leak detector Water treatment system not include.

(B) Point of use (POU) water cooler filter system


Ovio Products are the perfect choice

for the ultimate lifestyle upgrade

Point Of Use Coolers

Water coolers with Reverse Osmosis producing bottled water quality

No running out of water

No heavy Lifting

Easy to install

Easy change filter system


- Cabinet

- Structure Sheetmetal

- Water Reservoir(Cold)

- Water Reservoir(Hot)

- Faucet(Cold)

- Faucet(HOT)

- Faucet(Cook)

- Baffle

- Color


- Cold

- Hot

- Cook

High Impact High Gloss ABS Resin for Top and

Front Panels

Electro Zinc-coated with high Polymer Polyester

Resin Sheetmetal for Side-Panels

Electro Zinc-coated with High Polymer Polyester

Resin Sheetmetal for Bottom & Top plate

All Stainless Water Reservoir with Sus Cold Pipe

(SUS 304) Electro polished 3.4 Liters

SUS 304 with SUS 316L Heater Electropolished 1.9 Liters

Normal Blue Lever (Tomlinson)

Childlock Red Lever (Tomlinson)


M14 X 1.5 Nut Type/P.P.Nano Silver




6ºC ~ 12ºC

80ºC ~ 90ºC

Available When Hot Switch is Off

1. Sediment Filter

2. Pre-carbon Filter

3. TFM R/O Membrane Filter

4. Leak-Stop

5. Child Safety Tap

6. Dual Float System

Water cup dispense:

Water cup dispenser attaches to your water cooler. Hold a sleeve of cups.

Disinfection kit

The Biomax cleaning kit disinfection kit and is designed specifically to optimize and simplify the cleaning of your water cooler, water bottles and the filtration systems.

The Bottom-Load means no

more lifting heavy bottles

Counter top water Cooler.

Cold & hot temperature

If you like ice on a boat, a cottage or your home. Portable, efficient and It makes ice in 10 minutes

Ice Maker

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