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Water conditioning systems

Different water systems are built for different contaminants. Based on quantitative water test,

experienced water test evaluation and site inspection we can propose the right system for sites like

homes use city water or live on well water

The main common water treatments are: (1) Water Hardness treatment,(2) Iron and sulphur

bacteria treatment,(3) Tannin management. (4) Elemental iron and sulphur removal,(5)

Nitrate and pesticide removal,(6) PH balance for acidic water problems, and (7) chlorine


With the UV system, the disinfecting results are immediate, no production any of the disinfecting by products that chemical disinfectants may cause, unlike any chemical disinfecting, UV has no detrimental effect on taste, odor, or pH of water. Chlorine resistant proterozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia are inactivated with UV light. It is environmentally friendly.

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